Collect moments not things.


I'm in charge of thinking of things before people know they need them.



The creative mind behind UPTIME Events is Anna-Maria Polkowski (geb. Polaszewski) – living and working in Berlin. An intermediate diploma in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Economics paved the successful entry in the event industry. After years of professional experience in event management and years in gastronomy and sales it is time to work with customers as an independent and autonomous event manager to achieve the best results. Besides the main profession as an event manager she also expanded her social-media-know-how as another marketing tool, for events as well as brands. Social-Media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp, LinkedIn, Vimeo etc. have become part and parcel of the modern marketing. What makes the company strong besides these facts, you will find in the following overview.

Anna-Maria Polaszewski

OPTIMISM carried along.

Optimisms combined with courage is decisive in the event market, for the case that things go wrong.

AUTHENTICITY gets perceptible.

Authentic events: The honest and credible production creates true emotions and a genuine feeling of life.

CREATIVITY set free.

Nothing is impossible – according to the philosophy of UPTIME Events. If you have a vision, you can always do it somehow.

COURAGE at the right moment.

Bear new tasks and projects with courage and find suitable event solutions together with the customer.

determination & attn. to details.

Being focused without losing sight of the essentials and the details is a must in event management.

HANDS ON mentality.

UPTIME packs things by itself and does not wait for anyone else to do them.


We rise by lifting others.

Planning events on the side is no longer possible. Needs and desires become more comprehensive and time-consuming. Together with you we develop a suitable event concept and realize it. UPTIME accompanies your project from conception to follow-up.

For further information, please see the following pages.

Event management

Your event is unique to you and your guests – all the more important to have someone at your side who you can trust. The following services are included in UPTIME Events management: Concept, planning, organization, support, follow-up. We organize: private parties, corporate events, information events, marketing events.

Graphic & web design

Media plays an important role in communication. In cooperation with our production partner Toni Polkowski we cover all media services. FKSD Design offers: print, web design, photo and videography.

Location Scouting

UPTIME has a large selection of different event locations. We offer the service of location research, on-site inspection and information collection up to booking the location. Photo-, party-, dinner-, meeting-, gala-location or a simple apartment for press events and much more. Also road trips in which different venues or stands in several cities are needed.

Guest management

Guest management must be flexible and error-free. The first impression comes when the invitation is received. Transfers and accommodation must be booked. A friendly welcome and a quick accreditation as well as a trouble-free wardrobe will leave every event in mind.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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